Frequently asked questions

As a stockist, you will have many questions.  We've compiled  a list of frequently asked questions for your information.  If you need any further information, please don't hesitate to get in contact.


What do I need to know?

Partnering with Trade Plant Hire and becoming a Stockist is 100% free. And we want it to stay that way! There is no joining fee, no monthly subscriptions and we do not take a cut of your hire price.

We add a 20% commission mark up on the hire price you want. E.g.

  • Your daily hire price = £100 + VAT
  • Our listed hire price = £120 + VAT
  • £100 + VAT goes to you and £20+VAT commission comes to us

As all orders for hiring your equipment are cash up front, the payment is taken from the customer at 5:00am on the day of hire and processed directly into your bank account via our payment partner – Stripe. We do not take or hold your payment at any time.

Our payment processing partner, Stripe, can take a pre-authorised deposit on any hires, at a predetermined rate that you set, and should there be any issues either during or at the end of the hire, that payment is processed and sent to you, the stockist, to ensure you are covered.

No, no invoicing or payment arrangements are made with Trade Plant Hire, it is all automated using Stripe during the hiring process. When the payment is taken from the customer, it automatically splits off our commission and sends all parties the correct amount with the correct receipts/invoices.

We are not introducing a change to security procedures you already use in your depot. If you take a copy of ID and proof of address, you can still take this, and we would always suggest this! Our platform connects the customer (builder) with our stockists and it uses Stripe with its own KYC (Know Your Customer) and 3D secure payment process and ensures that every hire is underpinned by the stockists standard T&Cs - so we don’t get in the way of your standard working practices - if you take deposits and make sure everyone has insurance (which we think is sensible), you can do this direct with the customer via the app when they have confirmed their intention through a cleared hire payments via our payment partner stripe.

They can adhere to your practices of providing physical proof of ID either at the pick up or delivery point as they do today, or you can ask them to send it over prior to the hire.

The hire agreement is between the customer and yourself. We are not a rehire or cross hire company, and we take no responsibility for any equipment or hires. We simply introduce the customer o yourself as the stockist via ordering through the app. The customer agrees to your T&C’s when placing the order and therefore any responsibility for the equipment is theirs.

The simple answer is you will have their full details so call them! You have their order details, name, company details, contact details, site details – so give them a call! It could be that they are simply stuck in traffic, or they forgot to return it (although our app will notify them when they are coming to the end of the hire!!) and a simple phone call could resolve any issues!

Simple, you load your stock into our app (with the help of our amazing customer engagement team), set your availability, distance you are willing to hire, and then the app and the contractors take it from there! The contractor will log into the app, state the equipment they want to hire, the location it is needed and the dates, and the app will give them availability from our stockist partners. They then select the equipment they want, fill in the order details (bank details, full delivery address and ensure their account is complete) and the order is sent through to you as an email. You then get their full details and

confirmation of the order. Payment is taken at 5am on the day of hire so you know you are safely going to be paid!

The Trade Plant Hire app is open to almost all stockists in the construction trade who hire out their equipment! Be it hand tools, power tools, small plant, large plant, skips, access, specialist equipment, trailers, vehicles etc. If you are unsure, give our customer engagement team a call!

We are that confident that you’ll love working with us so much that we do not tie you into a contract. If you don’t like working with us, you are free to remove yourself from the app whenever you like, there is not set minimum term! But, we would of course prefer it if you stay with us indefinitely!

If it’s a problem with the app, the dashboard, or processes, speak to us first! If it’s a problem with the customer, speak to them first. We are the team behind the app and the tech, so always happy to answer questions or point you in the right direction. But, the customer is yours and the hire agreement direct between you and them, so we always encourage you to speak with them before asking us for help.

Get in touch with our dedicated customer engagement team and they will get you all set up! Our team are always on hand for questions or help signing up. It’s a very quick process and they can even upload your stock for you!